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Friends of ANZUP connects a community of people whose lives have been impacted by prostate, kidney, bladder or testicular cancers. Members of Friends of ANZUP will receive information from people who understand the challenges. It aims to provide: 
  • Information about the benefits of clinical trials and how to access them; 
  • Information about research conducted by ANZUP; 
  • Biannual community magazine, 'A little below the belt' featuring regular updates and stories from health professionals, researchers, cancer survivors and cancer trial participants; 
  • Invitation to annual Community Engagement Forum
  • Practical resources to help those living with prostate and urogenital cancers; 
  • Regular e-news and other resources deemed necessary to meet the aims of the network. 
Join Friends of ANZUP and help us achieve our mission to improve the outcomes and treatment for those living with testicular, prostate, kidney and bladder cancers. 

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Raising community awareness about the importance of clinical trials - A Trial For Me?
All of the major milestones in controlling cancer worldwide have come through clinical trials, but we still have a long way to go to help every person affected, at risk or diagnosed with this disease. ANZUP is committed to increasing engagement with consumers, carers and the broader community to promote the importance of clinical trial research. In July 2018, ANZUP joined forces with Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) to promote the importance of and encourage participation in clinical trials research and empower patients to ask their doctor "Is there a clinical trial for me?". 

Find out more about ANZUP and why trials matter here.


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