Strategic Plan

  • Formalise links with key stakeholders and other interested groups, including but not limited to Cancer Australia, NHMRC CTC, COSA, Cancer Voices Australia, PCFA, other Cooperative Trials Groups in Australia and internationally.
  • Strategic planning meetings will continue to be held by the Board and the SAC and will be a regular agenda item on meetings of the Board and SAC.
  • The SAC will identify opportunities for clinical trials in each of the urogenital cancer types, clinical disciplines and types of research, with particular emphasis on the quality and/ relevance of the proposed trials. The SAC will foster concept and protocol development and will prioritise concepts.
  • Disease priorities will include prostate cancer and urothelial cancers, reflecting a current lack of cooperative trial protocols in these diseases.
  • The Quality of Life and Supportive Care subcommittee, the Translational Research subcommittee and the Consumer Advisory Panel will consider each concept starting at an early stage of its development, with a view to ensuring that quality and value of each proposal is maximised.
  • The number and scope of membership of the Consumer Advisory Panel will continue to be enhanced, with input at all stages of protocol development and operations of the SAC and the Board.
  • The Consumer Advisory Panel will provide input on research priorities, communication strategies, engagement of the community and trial design and conduct.
  • ANZUP will continue to push for coordinated regional and/or state-based tissue repositories, working with other organisations as appropriate.
  • The Board will be responsible for logistic development of each trial and securing appropriate funding.
  • Links will be formed with other Australian and international cooperative clinical trials groups to enhance opportunities to access other clinical protocols.
  • Links will be formed with other Australian and international basic research groups to allow improved access to platform technologies and other expertise in order to add further scientific value to each project.
  • Mentorship and training will continue to be key priorities.
  • Membership of ANZUP will be increased by:
    • Regular correspondence with members including trial updates, activity, group news, meetings and presentations.
    • A regular Annual Scientific Meeting.
    • Regular Strategic Planning and Concept Development Meetings, with attendance strongly encouraged and promoted through the Group’s correspondence with members.
    • Targeted liaison with potential new sites with clinical trials capacity, as appropriate.
    • Further development and maintenance of the ANZUP website
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