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About ANZUP Cancer Trials Group
ANZUP is a not-for-profit organisation. We receive valuable infrastructure support from the Australian Government through Cancer Australia, however, each clinical trial requires its own funding stream in order to proceed. At the moment we rely on applying for grants from various sources, which can take several years and even then, might not be successful. It is therefore critical that ANZUP raises funds to continue our important work. Read more about fundraising here.

Raising community awareness about the importance of clinical trials
All of the major milestones in controlling cancer worldwide have come through clinical trials, but we still have a long way to go to help every person affected, at risk or diagnosed with this disease. ANZUP is committed to increasing engagement with consumers, carers and the broader community to promote the importance of clinical trial research. In July 2018, ANZUP joined forces with Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) to promote the importance of and encourage participation in clinical trials research and empower patients to ask their doctor if there is a clinical trial suitable for them. Thanks to the generous support of Tonic Health Media, the following 60-second campaign video will be shown on Tonic TV in 1,900 GP waiting rooms around Australia during July and August 2018. 

Ask your doctor if you are eligible to participate in a clinical trial and help our researchers improve treatments and outcomes for all patients.

ANZUP Cancer Trials Group and Breast Cancer Trials are delighted to partner in raising awareness of clinical trials in the community and gratefully acknowledge the generous support of Tonic Health Media.

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